Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The power of motivation. (Philosophy)

I try to preach a lot.  To the people that I care about.  Most times, they think I'm being arrogant; hey, I'm preaching, right?  I try to tell them, that if they just.. gave themselves.. they wouldn't have to worry.

From what I've seen in this world, if you just believe (doesn't matter what).  No matter what your context is, and you follow through with your objectives, you don't have to worry.  You won't end up in the situation where I see some of these really intelligent friends. Yeah, Shaun, you are one of them.

A lot of us nerds, have this tremendous capacity for understanding.  I guess if I were a typical person talking about this.. I'd have said that they have knowledge, but let's get serious here.  Knowledge is something that we as a species just don't have.

Knowledge is a complete and total understanding.  If I said that I knew the volume of my desk here, you'd be able to call "bullshit".  The equations used to calculate volume are limited by the tools that we use to measure.  In a few hundred years, our accuracy has just slipped a few to a dozen decimals, however, that isn't "knowledge".

I get worried sometimes.  Nerds, for the most part, become focused on their own challenges, without the context of the world, or without the context of others.  We lose ourselves in the challenges, and sometimes.. we forget that the only thing that will save us, if there is anything at all... Well, let's just say, it won't be your responsive touch-based javascript gallery code.  It won't be your lambda that casts your records into well formed json serialized data transfer objects.  The only thing that can save us, without a doubt, is to meld technology with our care for others.  To embrace the humanity of us all.   To realize that deep down inside we are all tied together here in this place, for the better, or for the worse.

We are all watching the same tragedies play out, that have been experienced for thousands of generations before us, and when I think about it; I laugh.

I realized, that I've wasted my time with words.  So I'll go back to doing things.  -smiles-

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