Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet up - Mobile Development.

I was very impressed with a member of my meetup group this weekend.

Can't wait to have more meetings.  I want people who are passionate.  Doesn't matter if our platforms are different.  I take all intelligent opinion in it's own context.

I have a plan.  I have a lot of valuable code.  All is going according to plan.  Now, just like in "breaking_in", you have to assemble your team.  You have to move on your objectives.

The price of not being a badass; is really quite simple.  No one.. no one.. will back you up.  So, in a lot of ways, nothing has changed, however, my ranks have swelled.  I'm committed to people, and those people (I hope) are committed to me.

So, it's war time.  -sighs-

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