Friday, March 15, 2013

IOS App : Print Hub submitted for Approval.

Print Hub was the new name, I decided on for the app.  I deleted the old one.  More features.  Nothing that great yet, but I'll add little things as I build more code up.  Been looking over tons of api's to use. Incorporating the .net code and moving it over to Mono based builds.   Only $.99.  Don't really think it will come close to paying me back for the software I've bought thus far, but it's fine.  I think this is just me continually following through on actions, until I get to where my skill is so high, that I can build applications in very very little time.  Basically, just getting my code base large enough.  I don't mind spending the time this way, since I have my kids every other weekend, and generally two days per week (for a few hours), and frankly, Mobile is the new desktop.

Some screenshots below:

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