Saturday, March 30, 2013

Print Hub Feature upgrade. Thoughts about Search Terms for apps.

I added Social Sharing for Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr for image file types today.  Didn't take long using Xamarin.Social.   I'll probably add a lot more every couple weeks.  Build my code up for integration and then spend a couple hours actually doing it.

I realized what my problem was.. on my app.  I had a very very weak search term base.  So, I opened it up this for this next upcoming release to a much wider set of terms.  This might end up being something I have to experiment with in order to get to the right place.  You only have 100 characters to use in your terms for your application.  Knowing what words to use is probably an entire industry in this microcosm.

In a lot of ways I get to experiment here.

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