Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Starting up the Android Version of Print Hub.

I've been dying to kick some tush (as I'd say to my boys) on this stuff that's been floating around.
Jared is kicking it with me.  Camera functions and Album functions work, moving on to the rest of the stuff here soon.  Had to take a bit of time and get some native Java code ported over.  I should have started with Android for my first store app, instead of spending so much time on IOS, but I think if I had.. I would have been really frustrated later, moving to IOS.  Java code ports for functionality, are so fast.  I could do it in my sleep. : )

That's one problem that will always exist in Xamarin, because there is no Graphics port for Mono, you always have to work with graphics / pdf's.. almost everything natively.. unless, you can find something that has been ported purely to Mono.

You have to give Apple this:   Their best apps always look good.  Or at least, a heckuva lot better than most Android Apps out there.  The game, is to understand enough.. to be able to style both sides. Android, and IOS.. powerfully.  I think I know have the ability to make.. purdy apps.  Now it's just porting API's.. luckily, I do that once.

What I really love about porting API's.. is that the code to use those API's.. is always so tiny..

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