Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gotta say, it's all about the App Store SEO.

I haven't been posting app figures, because they became abysmal. However, I think this release today will fix the course.  Also, did some upgrades on appearance, and had Jared help me out with some splash screens.  (Jared is awesome, he needs to do some posts on Android theming).

Pretty much have my next feature set lined up, along with the SEO tweaks for my next "attempt" at this brutal store environment.  The reason I can post this stuff, is because it takes so long to get your app approved.  See, I submitted my app last weekend.  So I have all week to make my next given set of features.  When the app is approved (I test pretty powerfully, so failure isn't really a big chance), then I have my next release ready.  I will play with the app tonight after the boys are in bed, and see if I can do anything more.. and then I'll submit. Anyways, time to give them a bath. See ya next post. : )

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