Saturday, August 3, 2013

Print Hub Sales.

This week I've been ranking pretty regularly on iPad sales, and a bit on iPhone. Not a high rank, obviously.

Jared is saying he will make a support web site.  Since, I've been pretty bad on support for the app, and we are making an Android version.

At least 3/4th's of the issues keeping the app from the Supported Apps list should be gone now, and I'm hoping to get listed soon.

Today, I'm hoping to get the "basic" versus "advanced" printing capability in.

Anyways, enough of me being crazy or posting.  Gotta get to "work"

The evidence of how rough it is on the ITunes store.  Keep this in mind, even if you have a great app, you are still dependent on search terms in iTunes.  I'm not claiming my app is even great.

How many "sales" does it take to rank on iPad? I don' t know.  I just know that the threshold is a lot lower than ranking in iPhone.  I've shown up on the iPad ranking, a number of times.  iPhone? Meh.   App Annie provided these graphs, and would give me more graphs, if I was interested in paying a large amount of money per year, to get real intelligence on the store environment. (Sorry App Annie, I can't yet, I'm still making coffee money from my IOS App).

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